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Consider these reasons to replace your damaged or inferior auto glass:

High Quality auto glass is a must for any vehicle. Good glass adds to the appeal of any vehicle, and especially to its resale value. More important, though, is that good auto glass avoids many problems. Consider safety first:

Auto glass, in particular the windshield, is an essential part of a safe vehicle. Its role is to remain firmly in place in a collision, keeping occupants inside, and so more likely to survive. In a collision it also functions as a back board for side airbags. During a rollover, a good windshield supports the roof properly, providing resistance to crushing. This also increases survivability for all involved.

However, all the benefits provided by having high quality auto glass won’t help much if it is not installed professionally. The correct adhesive is needed, and of course, auto glass should be installed by professionals with a lot of experience. Mac Auto Glass & Graphics has been installing windshields and other auto glass for many years. With thousands of windows and windshields installed, let Mac Auto Glass help you improve your vehicle’s safety and driving experience.

Mac Auto offers the following automotive glass services:
  • Windshield: replacements & rock chip repairs
  • Tempered or laminated glass for side windows
  • Rear window glass
  • Sunroofs
  • Side mirrors

Mac Auto is licensed by the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC), and approved by AMI Auto glass Insurance.

Call us at 403-553-4767 for details. We look forward to serving you!